November 2, 2021

      1. We have a quorum (5 of 6) Meeting called to order at 6:33pm

      2. New Bylaws of organization

        1. The results of the vote was recorded, but results of vote were not transmitted to BOD.

        2. It is believed the bylaw change was approved by membership

        3. No modification of the verbiage should be performed

      3. Jane Denali

      4. Email from Tim -> board approved 5 yes, 0 no.

      5. What is the cost of any legal action if required? - we must give her time to comply

    1. Dave Deavours was elected to fill the vacancy for the secretary position on the BOD (4 yes, 0 no)

    2. The official name of the incorporated club is "Quad Cities Rocket Club"

    3. Midwest Power

      1. Landowners dues

        1. 1500 x 2

        2. 500 x 1

        3. $3,500

      2. Wildman's will generate an invoice for raffle prizes @ MWP

      3. $955.80 from T-Shirt and hoodies

      4. Flo's request for catering at banquet

        1. They have a special banquet menu

        2. What is the cost per head? Tim will discuss

      5. New amp & speakers weren't working well. The small system worked great but new speakers were poor sound.

    4. Next club launch is 11/20

      1. BOD who will attend

    5. Membership Cards

      1. Each member must receive a signed and dated card

      2. If not, they are to receive a card

    6. Quad Cities Rocket Club web site

      1. Tim has the google web site (whichever that is)

      2. The go daddy web site


    7. Vote by the BOD - what web site shall we use, and what Facebook group shall we use?

      1. Email the membership to the change of Facebook group and any websites

      2. The only Facebook that Jane has control over is the Quad Cities Rocket Club group

      3. Motion to prepare statement to denounce old web sites and announce new ones

      4. Motion carries 5-0

      5. Steve Pualing will write draft to the BOD to approve or modify

      6. (thank you Steve)

    8. Water Wagon

      1. Need to buy anti-freeze about 5 gallons estimated. $3.50 per gallon at Farm & Fleet

      2. Can Adrian spend from petty cash?

      3. The fire dept. 'seemed' willing to refill

    9. Scheduling

      1. Will wait for WOOSH and TWA to set dates so QCRC can schedule around

    10. Dave to discuss with John Williams if he wishes to resign, to send notice to the BOD.

    11. Meeting adjured at 7:36pm