January 11, 2022

7:04 call to order

Old Business

Chuck as new quartermaster

New Business

The President proposed we launch on Saturdays with Sunday as a backup day except for the major launches (Mini Midwest, Midwest Power).

Secretary Seconded

Membership voted all in favor, none apposed

The motion carries unanimously .

Note: The QCRC is open to special requests. Contact the prefecture if you have a special request for a launch for your school or other organization.

2022 Launch Dates (Saturday primary, Sunday backup)

Waiver 2022 is done

Club launch dates are as follows:

February 26

March 26

April 30

May 28 - 29 (Mini Midwest)

June 18 and Wildmans's

[break for crops]

October 28 - 30 (Midwest Power)

November 19

December 17

It was noted that the E-Bank controller was problematic during MWP

Brad will look at it

E may be in the trailer

Midwest Power 20

President proposed a special project for MWP 20

Discussed was

12" rocket ~150lbs

Motor Casings

1x98 and 75-5120

98-1705 casing as research


Electronics - Brad can donate Raven

Dave D - RRC3 for one altimeter

Options voted upon




Interceptor (7)

The Interceptor wins the vote

Teddy will do harness

Work on rocket @ Mini Midwest Power

Miscellaneous Items

Dave to talk to Tripoli (Deb) with new web site address

Adrian to follow-up on Tripoli club registration

Meeting is adjourned at 8:00pm